Karnataka is one of the few states which is surrounded with plenty of mountain slopes, waterways, lakes and much more. Individuals in urban areas like Bangalore – the Silicon Valley of India, often search for a break from their routine work. With such a large number of hill stations at short separations, there are a lot of choices where you can spend your time with family and friends.

These hill stations are the home of wonderful, untouched nature and mysterious perspectives that are a treat to the eyes. Settle on your decision and plan for any of these lovely places close to Bangalore for an immaculate retreat.

Nandi Hills

Distance from Bangalore: 64 KM

Nandi Hills, as the name suggest, is famous for its sculpture of Indian mythological bull called “Nandi”. This place guarantees some magnificent natural surroundings. Nature, charming atmosphere, pleasant air and the splendid locations add beauty to this place.

This hill station incorporates temple “The Yoganandeeshwara” which signifies its cultural value. With its attractions containing religious sites, Nandi hill is a heaven for nature lovers and in addition for those who like trekking and different exercises along with fascinating widely varied vegetation. There are various eateries and neighborhood inns in and around the hills that serve mainstream cooking styles.

Nandi Hills


Distance from Bangalore: 300 km’s

Madikeri is a part of Coorg (Kodagu) region. This hill station is a flawless weekend getaway for those waiting for the excellent and refreshing weekend. This spot is ornamented by astonishing scenes and mind blowing views made up of endless and magnificent vegetation everywhere. This is one of the few places where you can enjoy jeep safaris and elephant rides to spot rare birds and animals in India.

A great mix of historical, natural and religious attractions can be seen here, hence welcoming all kind of guests and making it a complete vacationer experience. The local food contains non-veg, accompanied by fragrant rice known as Sannakki. Also, there are multiple options for veggies and Chinese food lovers.


Horsley Hills

Distance from Bangalore: 144 km’s

Horsley Hills is one of the famous hill station located in Chittoor area of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the unexplored hill stations around Bangalore. It attracts numerous visitors in light of its great view with dazzling air. This spot is incorporated with beautiful slopes and woods which help wild animals and fowls to build their home and havens.

If you are one of the travelers who loves eating apart from travelling, then get ready for the best treat. This place offers best local food which is available in most of the humbled restaurants. Also sporting activities like trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, running and much more can be cherished here. It can possibly turn into the favored area for nature lovers, climbing lovers, trekking clubs and reflection specialists for its mitigating and verdant territory.

Horsley Hills


Distance from Bangalore: 160 km’s

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri, is one of the best hill stations to enjoy summer vacation. This place is not as famous as Ooty but instead is praised for its untouched nature destination with charming slopes, valleys and nature. The main town of Yelagiri Hills is called Athanur which is the center place for all activities including local market, transporting and much more. It is a mix of sanctuaries and beautiful temples which make this hill station a place for adventure as well as pilgrimage. In short, a complete family place to enjoy your vacations.

The local government has lately started propelling this place as an adventurous eco-tourism, offering sports like paragliding, rock climbing and trekking. There are hotels spread out all through the city, each with their specialty. It has all the features of a popular hill station destination , with sunset points, green hills , lakes and parks.

Yelagiri best-hill-stations-near-bangalore04


Distance from Bangalore: 230 km’s

Located amidst the Shevaroys hills in the state of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is major tourist attraction mainly due to excellent surroundings. The name Yercaud implies seven forests and is known for its serene surroundings and a massive collection of broadly differed vegetation. It is acclaimed for its Lake, rose and silk farm. The prime vacation destination in this residential area is the lake which is concealed by greenery enclosures and trees on all sides. It is likewise a hub of tourist who loves to do spend time doing boating.

Eco-tourism, coffee and hospitability are the huge boost of the town’s economy and inemple or even at home.



Distance from Bangalore: 270 km’s

Ooty – The “Leader of Hill Stations” is situated in the Nilgiri hills in the state of Tamil Nadu and is one of the greatest and the most settled hill stations in India. It draws a generous number of tourists reliably given its sprawling fields, lofty mountains, unprecedented lakes, thick forests, eucalyptus trees and miles of tea porch nurseries which welcome the visitors.

Ooty can be your trek through ocean of chocolate. Lose yourself in the city’s baked shops which serve allurements world’s best chocolates. Also famous are the tea houses and local tea stalls offering various tea flavors which are world’s best. This place provides the superior view of the lovely slopes ranges and thick sholas encompassing them. The water sports lovers will appreciate the beautiful sights at the Avalanche and Emeralds and Pykara River and. One not-to-be-missed experience while on an outing to Ooty is a ride on the smaller than expected train of Ooty Mountain Railway which keeps running from here to Coonoor.



Distance from Bangalore: 275 km’s

Wayanad – “Place where Paddy grows”, makes for a quiet escape from the ruthless summers. Orchestrated in Nilgiri Biosphere, a trip to Wayanad not only ensures abundance of nature’s bounty, it also guarantees a fascinating cultural history.

While individuals have been said to visit the spot from the Neolithic era, the zone has been under the rule of the few ancient and medieval Indian organizations and domains. The high tallness makes the spot cool and perfect to visit all year around and houses streams, tea gardens, paddy fields makes this place a worthy to visit.


Distance from Bangalore: 185 km’s

Biligiri Hills

Biligiri Hills, generally known as B R Hills, is situated in Southern part of India, Karnataka. Famous as a protected tiger reserve, the spot gets its name Biligiri from the white rock which forms the main entrance to this hill station. It is one of the closest hill station around Bangalore.

It is known for wild life sanctuary and Bili Ranga swamy temple. Because its wonderful climate and greenery, it attracts major tourism. Due to surroundings of many other small hills, this place draws in a considerable measure of extreme games lovers giving them chances of trekking and rock climbing. All things consider, it is a prominent getaway for explorers with both adventurous and religious sentiments. The accessibility of food in the nearby area is very less. There are little tea-shops offer rolls and light snacks.

Bilagiri Hills

Kolli Hills

Distance from Bangalore: 270 km’s

Providing nature’s magnificence in its purest form, the Kolli hills remain beautiful and fresh all through the year. This place is surrounded by lots of Pineapple farms set up by local government and authorities. This hills have been described multiple times in Indian literature for its rich culture and are also known for their eco-tourism without impact from real business movement.

The government additionally holds a social tourism celebration in August. Kolli Hills is the perfect spot for trekking clubs, nature lovers, climbing devotees and contemplation experts. In spite of the fact that the territory is overflowing with lavish green views and waterfalls, the alternatives for food are to some degree restricted in the zone.

Kolli Hills


Distance from Bangalore: 200 km’s

Famous as the ‘Espresso Destination’ of Karnataka, the delightful town of Chikmagalur is located at the foothills of the Mullayenagiri range close to Bangalore. This place offers delightful experience for all its travelers mainly due to picturesque location and wonderful meadows.

It is an awesome fascination for trekkers and those wishing to encounter the tranquil feeling of the city. The local food, known as Malanadu, is known for its spice and richness, mostly supplemented by the coconut milk flavor along with rice and fish curry as staple food.


An excursion in a such places has its own appeal – cool climes, reviving districts, wholesome exercises and unmatched encounters. Such place provides refuge from the onerous warmth in the city, you can even run over teeth-jabbering cold in some of these spots amid winters. Hence recall to bring your woolen wears when you arrange your vacation here.

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